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Love's Lips (Single)

Released 2015
Music & Lyrics © Jason Masi
All Rights Reserved 

Power Of A Woman

Released 2014
Music & Lyrics © Jason Masi
All Rights Reserved 

Life is Wonderful

Released 2012
Music & Lyrics © Jason Masi
All Rights Reserved 

Balance & Pull

Released 2010
Music & Lyrics © Jason Masi
All Rights Reserved 

Natural Mood

Released 2007
Music & Lyrics © Jubeus
All Rights Reserved 

Two Tone Circles

Released 2004
Music & Lyrics © Jubeus

All Rights Reserved 


Love's Lips

Touch my heart with your hand
Feel it beating 
This is me living
I feel so close to you now
What should we do with the rest of our time?

This is what it feels like
When we're in the sunshine
Love's lips like wine
Or dancing in the moonlight
Wishing on the stars so bright
Sharing the wonder of life
This is what it feels like to be alive

Take me in your arms
I'll touch my cheek to yours
I never want anything more
Than to be right where you are
It takes the weight off of my shoulders

Love's lips like wine
Warm kiss, calm mind
Stay by my side
Love's lips like wine
Be still, unwind
Let's drink tonight
Love's lips, Love's lips like wine


How To Be Rich

Have some compromise
You owe yourself a chance
Keep turning your pistons
Keep that fire in you engine
No one can tell you where you're going
No they can't see what you'd want
You steer the wheel towards your destination 


Do it for yourself
You don't look too well
So better up your health
Some intrapersonal wealth
Is what you're missing now
You need love from inside out
That's when you'll know how to be rich


Think fast on your feet It's not so easy
A taste of this good life ain't known by everybody
Influences can multiply the forces outside of your control
But you have to get through this just to make it possible


Don't be taken for no prisoner


You got enough money in your pocket
To eat and drink and put a roof over your head
But you could really use a lear jet
Would that be enough for you man?

Power of A Woman

When God created woman
Beauty graced the earth
You can't deny the power that comes from her
Now she can drive you crazy
With the flick of her hair
She always gets her way
With A wink and a stare


I feel my heart beating faster when she walks in the room
She makes my soul believe in a higher greater truth


I believe in the power
I believe in the power
I believe in the power of a woman


You better be careful cause she can take over you
She's gonna rip your heart right open
So get some dressing for your wounds
I for one have been seduced by the girl in the garden
Before she even picked the fruit I was upside down on my sin


She can make you change your ways
She make you act strange
A woman can make you brave
But she can drive you right to your grave


I feel the room getting hotter
When she's looking at me
She's in control of my soul and my mind and my body


That's the power of a woman
That's a woman

Never Alone

My eyes on you stare
Good times we did share
One, two, it was gone
You left me here on my own


But we danced
It felt so right
We were lost in the dark
You said it's time to go
I guess I should have known


That love is forever


I saw you there
I glanced
You disappeared
Sometimes I am afraid
That I won't see you again


But love is forever

I Will Make It Up To You

I know I ain't been perfect
Since before to now and here
You've had some things you wanted
I never gave them out dear
I spent all my money
On some silly toys
Since I've been seeing things from your side baby
I know I've been a bad boy
And I've been the tears you've cried
But understand


I will make it up to
If it's the last thing that I do


I know it ain't been easy
The way it's been going down lately
But you sure do please me
And you make me feel crazy
And I'll do anything for your love
I want to make you proud
It will make my life seem sweeter
Just to have you around
Dry those tears you've cried
And understand


I will make it up to you
If it's the last thing that I do


I know we're gonna be alright
And I hope you stay here by my side
It might take some compromise
But I sure do love you baby
I sure do love you baby


I know it I ain't been perfect

Come On Out Tonight

Come on out tonight
I know you've been feeling lonely
You know that I get like that sometimes too
You were standing in the doorway
Wearing that face I'd seen before
You know that's the only thing I can't take


Maybe we'll wake up tomorrow
To find that everything has changed
Maybe the worst is gone
And the best days are yet to come


Ease your worried mind
Let the weight of the world go now
Fill up your heart with the love that surrounds you


Behind these curtains hide
Hold your head up
Bright city lights
Hold your head up
A million stars outside
Hold your head up
Dry your crying eyes
And come on out tonight


From the time when it all began
To the moment when everything will end
We best have faith in something else

Woman Will You Be My Friend

Staring across the room
I am struck by a beauty in my view
It's been a long cold winter
I'm getting warmer
And now I'm thinking about you


So, tell me how it's gonna be
You haven't seen the best of me yet
And this season I was hoping that we could spend some time together
I'm falling in love again
Woman will you be my friend?


Your skin is so soft
I'm a victim of my love turning to lust
While you're stand there
I can't help myself
Because It's so hard to resist your touch


Girl you got a good thing going
I want to be a part of it
So give me all of your love and I will give you mine
Give me all of your love tonight

Together and Happy

I stumbled on our photograph as I packed up that box
I thought about good times we had and the years that we lost
If I could do it all over maybe I would
I put the picture down and I walked out of my home
I looked up to the clouds above and asked the Lord, What have I done?
He didn't answer so I walked on down the road


I was thinking
About what you'd want and what you'd need
I was banking
If I could get you those things
Maybe we could be together and happy


That night I took all that I had and I threw it in the car
Said goodbye for the last time as I drove into the stars
Life gets hard and people move on


Remember feeling breathless and overcome
We were so in love
That kind of feeling can change you forever
We were younger then
I hope we both can find sweet love again


I never could imagine how we could be apart
So I held onto some memories we made close to my heart
Don't fade away, Please don't fade away

Go With Me

Where do you think you are going?
Why don't you just come over here?
There is something we could be doing
There is something nice we could share
I'll make you feel the best that you can


I need to feel your love
Tell me what you want and what you need
I can give you those things
Let me bring you there
I'm about to take you
Right where you want to go


I'm caught up in your fire
And when you're close I lose all control
Could you burn with the same desire?
Could you know me like you want to be known?
Could you touch me just the way that you want to be touched?


I can be good for you
I can be so good for you
I can be good for you
I can be so good for you
And you could be good for me too

Good Things

When I was a child
My mother taught me
Some lessons I try not to forget
How to be kind to others
Show women respect
Treat my friends and my brothers
And even my enemies well


And good things will come around
If we give love good things will come around


She said be grateful
Give more than you're given
Be a thoughtful lover
And be an honest man
Keep your mind open
Get your heart healthy
Fill the world with the love that's in your soul
Let your spirit be free


Some things are hard to understand
You won't always know how it will all work out
But do your part and be your best
Go on out and make your mother proud
And son it comes full circe somehow


Now my wife works helping children
And I try to write songs of hope
It's a small part of bigger vision
For a better world for the next generation


Burn these walls
Put them in the ground
For a life to start again child
I don't know how this falling out
Brought us to where we are now
But the pain that breaks us down to find
What makes this fear of how to be hard to define
Hard to define regret and hardship
But we can make amends
We can make amends
But we have got to change


I have been a fallen angel
I know I've done some things that I never should have
But these crimes they have caught up to me
And I have paid in loving loss
And a tear hiding soul


I don't want to be a stranger in your world


It's hard to see how far we've let
All these distances between us get
But I would change on a dime for you
If that is what I need to do
To make you see the truth in me
We can make amends


The Right Kind of Things

Across the lines of attraction
I see her in a northern light
She's a goddess of perfection
I'm just a peasant child
And a burning desire in my heart
Is all I'm feeling now
Cause she's been in my eyes
Ever since I met her
I can't get her out

But it's just too hard to do the right kind of things
To win her over tonight
Cause she's just too far above my type
But I'm gonna try anyway


I was moving I got shut down
As bad as I could
But I was in need I didn't want to leave
Until I got what I was after
So I thought of some simple words
To scream at the top of my lungs
Down from my little corner
Up to her apartment

If I was king
She'd be my queen
And we'd live in a castle

Next to You

How wonderful it feels
To be in this world and be next to you
We made it through the tests
Of time and distance, loss of faith and the money blues
Lord knows we have paid some dues

I know we're going to make it
Just look at what we've survived
We keep pushing on til our prayers are answered
Just look how far we've come
Just look at where we are now

Life has been a mess
But we embrace it and make it better by far
Whatever path we're taking
We'll accept the worst and best of where it leads us
No matter where we end up

Blow up the love
Let your worries go
As long as we have each other
Everything will be right in the world

Don't Know Nothin'

We've got big hearts
Is it good enough
To take us up and through the stars above
So many questions
With no answers in a book
What is the secret?
Have you found a key to free my soul?
Our world's are different
But our faiths are strong

And this is what we are
We'll do what we can
To figure out this mess we're in
But all in all
We don't know nothin' at all

Are these battles in vain
To fight for truth that we can't explain
For the love of people that goes around?
I'd say the truth is believing
That beyond what we see is something more
Than what is what we already know

Hey man tell me what you know
I can't be sure I know no more
I'll listen up to anyone it's everyone I learn from
Cause I can't be sure what's out there
Anything could be happening
I try to keep it simple and
Live a life with love in my soul

Hallelujah, Amen

The Situation

I get myself in a bind
You help me out every time
I wish I knew how to repay you
Cause you always lend a hand
Even when they both are filled
And you always are the friend
Who would never put yourself first

Now you're the one you should think about
You're the one you should think about now
You're the one you should think about
Given the situation what else can come from it?

Now I believe that the good give away
And the good will come back someday
Some people love to love
And you're one of those people
But when have you done enough
How long have you been giving those
Who won't give to themselves
All your own sanity

When have you done enough
When have you done enough

I get myself in a bind
Everyone does sometimes
And it can be a hard fight
Just to get out clean
So we lean on each other
But we have to come to terms
The outcome of the situation
Is up to us

That Summer

When I see fireflies
That summer reels through my mind
As I recall the stars were bright
And something in the air felt right

The days were long 
Outside we held each other
We didn't have a care at all 
We let the good times roll
Where it would lead we didn't know
We were just having fun
We were having fun 
That summer

You let your hair fall down
On me as we laid on the ground
We spoke few words
About the future and us

We laughed a lot 
Hours of each day were lost 
On the mystery of lust
It was a short run
That was the season
We were just having fun
We were having fun
That summer

I want to go back to where we were that summer
I want to to go back


When you look what do you see?
Remember the water at your feet 
And don't forget the sun
And how it felt when we touched
The way we were 
Couldn't last forever 
But we held on to what we could
It was a short run
That was the season 
Were were just having fun
Having fun that summer 

Windy Road

It's been a long year I guess
My world's been spinning around
I'm getting closer to where I want to be
But I'm still on shaky ground
I get on with these changes
I've got a new point of view
No matter where it leads me
You know I'll still come back to you

If you just show me the moments that we've had
When we were wearing smiles on our faces and laughing
Replay all the kisses and the late night conversations
Remind me how it started
You know I'm never going to let it end

I wonder what you're doing
All the times that I'm am gone
The nights are late and lonely in these cities
I can't wait to get back home

When dust settles on a windy road
And lights turn off in the stands
I'll see you then
And that will be when I feel my best

You're standing in the doorway
With that familiar grin
The one that tells the story
Of the life we're building

Grain of Sand

I see you smiling up ahead
And you wave to call me
Then you whisper in my ear
You say you're running now
And on the way is love
And how all the pain is gone

And you'll like
And you'll like the way it goes
When you're finally on your own
And you'll like
And you'll like the way it goes
When you find your way home

I know you crave the innocence
Of the days before these
I'll hear you laughing again
As the weight is falling down
It's only a grain of sand
And how you'll blow it from your hand

You kept your faith
Every night you cried
Imagining a new life


People let freedom ring out
Let your voices sing loud people
We're born into this madness
We conform to whatever happens
It's the way of the world people
Wake up and save us

What we have here is a chance to make it right
What we have here is the choice of our lives
Some things that we've lost
You know we'll never get back
But this is where we are now


We don't know what to do
About this violence so we leave it up to
Lying, cheating, stealing leaders
Everyday that we are living
There's nothing to lose from the time that we are given
So why do we hurt our own people

Wake up and save us

We're not going to live forever
We'll stick together and we can be fine
If only for a short time
We'll find something to believe in
With greater meaning
Even though it might seem hard
It doesn't have to be hard

Miss You Around

For all the times that I failed to express
What you meant to me
I'm sorry
And for the days that we spent
When I had the chances
I should have taken
Those days are gone
But I thought you should know

I miss the places we went out
I miss things we talked about
I miss your different style
But most of all I just miss you around

We felt the rain fall
Before the storm
Out by the boats and
In the breeze you would sing
Your favorite songs
From the radio
I don't hear them anymore
I don't hear you anymore

I miss the places we went out
I miss things we talked about
I miss our walks through this town
But most of all I just miss you around

You've got to be her best option
You got to treat her like a woman should be treated
You got to keep all of those big promises
If you don't want her to leave you
If you don't want her to leave you alone

I miss the places we went out
I miss things we talked about
I miss your crooked little smile
But most of all I just miss you around

I miss the places we went out
I miss things we talked about
I miss your intimate sounds
But most of all I just miss you around

Golden Sun

Woman you got a strong fire
Burning up in me
Baby don't cool it down
Keep it hot, hot, hot for a go around

Don't you feel like, Don't you feel like
Don't you feel like making love
When you get home I've got something for you
Soon we'll be kissing and touching and waking under cover of a golden sun
Don't you feel like making love
Don't you feel like making love

Come here
If it starts cold
Warm it up to the right feel
Work it like you're made to
I like how you do what you do when you do me

Girl you're driving me crazy
You're building up my lust
I need you now baby
You get me all worked up

Life Is Wonderful

Soaking in the day it feels so good I must say
Sitting here with you
Watching life move
From a soft cloud in the sky the world divides
What we see and believe

Life is wonderful
Make sure you live it up

Across the earth over and under
What a place to make way through
From the calm of dreaming
To the wake of dawn
Love bring us together

It's lifting me up and taking me higher
Keep sending me love
All the love


I'll be the one on your side
And you'll be the one on mine
I'll follow you where you're going
We can build a home
No time is as good as the time
We're spending alone

This love is going to bring us closer
Keep doing what we have
This love will still be there when we're older
We'll keep winning each other over and over again

I like to watch you bathe in the sunlight
I like to watch you dance in the moonlight
And when you  lay your hands on me
I think I could be in heaven
You still get me going like that
And I still want you so bad

I'm still working together with my baby
She deals with me somehow
If there's anything in this world worth waiting for
I know we've found it

This life will put us to the test
Time is short don't regret
It won't always be easy
We'll have to face some challenges
As long as your heart and my heart are beating
We'll help each other out


Dust & Bone

Oh no, my world has changed 
And left me here thinking about today 
And my dreams have run so long 
My youth has gone away from me 
So lord would you give me a chance to free 
A sense of young love inside of here 
The day is new 
I’ll pour my life into the best of myself to get through 
Something makes me feel older 
When the night gets colder and I’m alone 
But I know my time is precious 
And I won’t let dust into my bones  
I’m going to reclaim my freedom 
And I’m going to lift myself up 
What I do today will lead me where I go tomorrow

Catching Up Again

Going to listen to you when you’re talking in my ear 
Tell you what I think about sometimes when you’re not here 
Then remember how you look just before you walk away 
And then miss the part of life you were giving me 
Oh miss the part of life you were giving me 
What a nice sunrise 
Seeing you the first time 
And now we’re dear old friends 
Catching up again  
I try to keep you in mind after your laughter’s gone 
But some types of memories only last so long 
Don’t want the type to forget when the night comes to an end 
Or the type that starts to fade when another day begins  
Clocks keep ticking 
And our world’s change 
I’ll be reminiscing about the days 
When I saw you every morning 
Just like a song you haven’t heard in awhile 
Or a picture frame that fits you in a smile 
I’ll take a deep breath just to calm me down 
Then get back where we started like we never left this town

Being Alive

Sometimes it feels like it should
Sometimes we’re misunderstood 
We get tired from working
We get caught up in our own worlds 
It’s easy to forget 
Just what we are doing here  
We need to remind ourselves what this is all about   
Here’s to being alive 
For the rest of our days and nights
And when we find ourselves thinking 
That nothing is good enough
We need to be thankful for what we have
Thankful for being alive  
It’s not when you fell down 
Or the dent you got in your heart 
It’s not about your limitations
Or currently where you are 
The best and worst of things 
They will come and they will go
You need to remind yourself what this is all about
I still believe in the future
I still believe there’s a god who loves
We all want to know where we’re going to
But until that day we’ll keep on trucking through  
If you’ve been grieving  
Afraid you’ve been missing out
Remember always 
That your heart is still beating now 
And if that’s all that it means
And it don’t promise you anything
You need to remind yourself what this all about 

In the Afternoon

In this big world it’s hard to get by
With just a laugh and a casual smile
I try to get myself together 
I got to be stronger, better
It all comes too fast
I get up duke it out with a job’s long hours
Step by step, day by day
I work to the bone just so I can get paid 
But at least, at least, at least 
In the afternoon
I don’t have a thing to do
Except gather my thoughts
And sit and watch the patterns on the wall
While I sing my song 
I pick up the pace
Gather my plans for tomorrow
Play awhile until it’s time to go
But I could spend my whole life here strumming
While the rest of life keeps on running
It all comes too fast 
I get up to the sound of a freeway hum
Left, right, left moving on 
I do the same as everyone 
But at least, at least, at least 
As the room turns from a light ray
Into a moon sky melody
I sing loud
I let my heart and my soul out
Cause I love the chill of a song
You know It gets me back to feeling good 
When I wake up spinning each morning
I give eight hours a day at minimum wage

Balance & Pull

There’s something all around me 
As simple as it is 
As clear as all the golden skies 
Blowing on the wind 
Running on the ocean 
Screaming on the edge 
Coming from the moments 
Of breath upon the air  
Passion of heart 
Now that you’ve appeared 
I don’t have any fear 
I’ve searched to find you hear 
Heaven is sending 
A prayer to calm the noise 
This is all I can be 
And this is my voice 
But I can be closer 
To the open heart of truth 
Closer to the inside 
And closer to you  
I found you 
Creeping in my soul 
Creeping like a ghost 
Passion of heart 
I’ll give you everything 
I am with you night and day 
In pleasure and in pain  
Passion of heart 
I cannot be sure 
What our life will have in store 
Through the balance and the pull 
Through the balance 
Through the balance 
Through the balance and the pull

Keep Moving On

When the day is long 
And the night is dark
And life is not easy
Lord bring us together 
And we’ll make it all better
You know love is all we’ll need 
To keep this good thing going
We’ll do all that we have to do
To keep this good thing going
We’ve got to keep moving on
Got to keep moving on
Well the touch of you
In the pale night moon
Spins my world around
Love send me your cover
And I’ll send mine on over
You know we could use some now

Don't Stop Loving Me

This ain’t no average situation
But it’s always worked out well
Since the first time I saw you you’ve had my attention
And today you have it still 
So don’t stop love
Don’t stop love
Don’t stop loving me
I never knew how we would make it
I just always knew we would
We had some hard times on occasion
But they never kept us down
No they never kept us down 
I can be good man
I can be a strong man
I can be a better man
As long as you stick with me darling 
When I’ve been in need you’ve always given
So much more than I deserve
Sometimes when a man suffers
Only one woman, one woman has his medicine

Get It Right

You’re beautiful dressed like that
I don’t think I have ever wanted you so bad
But I messed up over a thousand times
Could you find it in your heart to forgive me tonight babe? 
Please forgive me
Cause this could be the last chance to get it right
This could be the last chance to get it right
The attention I should have given to you
All the days we were in school
I should have been there for you when you were around
Not a part of every distraction
Please forgive me 
I know there might be complications 
So many I created 
And I admit I have a lot to learn

But if you let me I can prove I can do better


Before my last breath
I don’t want to be alone
I’m gonna miss the stars above
And the scent of the ocean
And the simple fun 
I had by your side
The silent calm
Between your heart and mine 
Cause we’re happy 
Just as we are 
Living free
I never want to leave
I never want to leave 
We’re a small part of
This place in history
Oh how the time comes
And goes quickly
Mystery temple
Built by the hands of God
All I pray for 
Is that you save our love
Awake in the morning my heart beats again
I savor the moments we lay here in bed
Because I know life could end just as soon as begin
And the thoughts keep spinning in my head 
Life is short
Gotta do what I gotta do
Gotta see what I came to see
And save myself
In this world I know 
It’s hard to conceive 
It’s hard to believe
But we gotta believe  
There’s a place called heaven

Out of our Minds

The days of youth so far away now
We turned our frowns up we never had a doubt
Something occurred and we held our breath
We stumbled through the door and never looked back 
Now we’re going out of our minds
Going out of our minds
Stories are told everyday 
Without a single word or a change of face
Our hands are tied and hearts broken
Intent to find a touch of return
The time was always good and free 
We were lost in the mystery of it all
Moving on right out of here
Don’t say the love is gone
You once held near

Ease Your Worried Mind

What are the things that make you happy?
Where are the places you want to go?
What are the jokes that you keep you laughing?
These are the things I need to know
So love me until the morning
I’ll make sure you are satisfied
Wake up when you wake up
I’ll ease your worried mind
There is no time like the present
To lay down and rest your bones
So put down your books and your papers
True beauty is in your soul tonight
It’s alright to take all night
Swaying to the music
Shape the words with your mouth
Take in every moment
Wait for them to come back around


Until I Get There

Listen to the sound of a city street
The rhythm sure to make you tap your feet
And it's a long way to go when you don't know where you're headed
I still don't know where I've been
But I'm gonna keep on moving until I get there
And I'm running
But I don't know what into
I guess I'll keep on rolling on until I wear down these shoes
And it's a long way to go when you don't know where you're headed
I still don't know where I've been
But I'm gonna keep on moving until I get there
What is the purpose we're seeking
Have I followed my heart without my mind leading?
I have found this is all I can do
And baby all I can show you
I'm on a mission
But I don't know what it is
Maybe I will find out when I'm closer to the end
And it's a long way to go when you don't know where you're headed
I've got no real destination
But I'm gonna keep on moving until I get there


Down where the tall grass grows and the sun sinks low
And the time rolls but nothing seems to matter
We wish and we wonder as we're standing under the vision of God's green earth
We kiss on the mountain and stroll through the valley
And we dance in the lotus fields
Bliss is all we feel when we are here
We lift up our lively souls
Lotus we're in a perfect balance
Of love and harmony
We're tantric, careless and romantic
Woman please
Come woman please
Out where no money flows we build our houses out of stone
And we make a living working from the ground up
It gives us a life we couldn't pay for
The type we couldn't wait for when we were just children
So come down and listen as the river swishes
And the water splashes at our feet
The world has spilled wide open and left us here as lovers
Let us be calm
We'll stay here forever
Let nature come through
What does it matter?
There's really nothing else that we have got to do
Together we can make it
Yes we can make it
If we leave all else behind 

Let's Pick Up Ourselves

Come here for a minute let me share some of your time
To tell you all about love and make you all mine
The world is looking crazier outside your door
But if you stay here with me it can't hurt you anymore
Let's, let's pick up ourselves
Come on now we'll make it
Oh yes we can make it good
Let's, let's pick up ourselves
Come on now we'll make it good
We can make it good
Dance in circles, flowers everywhere
Twirl around the butterflies on the dress you wear
All the light of heaven in your pretty face
All the light of heaven in your face
Touch the water cup it in your hands
Climb up to the mountain at the top we both will stand
All you can imagine all you can believe
All you'll ever, ever, ever need 

Look Out

You're waiting on a big change
You're thinking everything
Will be different in a day
You were shaken and you stumbled
Fell upon the truth
Awakened from the comfort of youth
Look out
Is this the feeling that you wanted?
Is this the big life that you dreamed you'd live?
Look out for yourself
You see it from the top down
You're looking for a way out
Something to put your mind at ease
The weight of the world falls
Upon your shoulders
But you get back up on your feet
You're working on a timeline
You're working day and night
You see the light from where you stand
The passion you fight for
The fight you'd die for is what matters in the end 


Don't be loud
We've been working all day
And I think we should slow down
The words have faded out
And there is nothing more
Than mellow thoughts and stars
And silence in the garden
Silence in the home
Silence in the bedroom
Sometimes we need silence
Just so we can be calm
We're fine
Sleeping on our pillow heads
Or lying awake in the darkness
Everything was said
When our mouths were open
We don't need to go back to that yet
There was talk on the street
We all said something just to say something
But now in time and peace
We'll rest our world of speech
And keep our tongues from moving 

Back to Life

It's all a big surprise
The way it goes sometimes
When it gets lost and complicated
And your thoughts are over-thinking
Well lately I've been thinking of you
Come on now
When it all goes down
Bring back to life
What we've tried
What we've tried
To make here
Not seeing all too clear
When the signs appear
Always changing direction
Not sure which way to go
I'm going home today
Going somewhere going to be saved
Put your faith in me
Just one moment of truth to believe
One moment of truth, believe

Up Your Sleeve

Was something hiding up your sleeve?
You know I couldn't tell
Your life was just a mystery
You kept upon your shelf
You couldn't hide everything inside forever
The time you let yourself believe
Your mind could let it go
You came into the night with me
You lifted up my soul
And I watched you bathing in the light of morning
These are the moments we live
We live for the moments we get
You talked about the things you'd want
Your job and your car
The only thing you thought about was how to get your start
As a self-made money-making kind of woman
But something that you stumbled on made you think again
About the things you thought were good
And what you needed then
And your love flowed out like water
These are the moments we live
We live for the moments we get
Up your sleeve is where you'll find them
The world that's hiding up your sleeve is the world we're going to build
Tonight all our hopes and dreams are a wish upon a well
To find something to hold on forever
You finally let yourself believe your mind could let it go
Sometimes it's just a chance you take when you're not too sure
If your searching is going to lead you somewhere you want to be

Love Is in the Air

Take your worries and throw them out the door
Our faith is strong now and this is where we are
Have you ever laughed the way that you laugh now?
Have you ever felt as much as you feel now?
Taking our chances
To find romance
Singing and dancing
Love is in the air
All you need is what you have
But what you want is it something you'd give back?
Have you ever loved the way that you love now?
Have you ever touched the same as you touch now?
A woman with a precious rose
Will give up a thousand carnations  

Good Girl

Working hard everyday
Got a head full of brains
She's the kind of lady
That seems to always do the right thing
But she's a high-class liver
A her way getter
This angel of heaven
Burns a fire in a her blood
She is a good girl
But she's got the bad too
Controlling her man
Does it with a slow hand
She keeps him coming
Back for a quick touch feeling
But she's dancing in the front row
She rock and she roll
With her long red dress on
She can't wait to get off
Yes she do
She gets in the mood
Yes she do
Don't be fooled
When the lights go down
And not a soul is around
She gets it on
She gets it on 


Sunshine Lady

I'm gonna push it through the door now
Into the morning we'll go out
From the tall ceiling of blue
Through the canopy of green too
The air is waiting for
Our breath to mix with it and make it pure
I'm gonna give you more
We'll see the world
Running on a good vibe
Holding on my sunshine lady
Take you on a smooth ride
Roll out miles away
Moving into new skies
Where the time is easy
And for a moment it feels like
We are so alive
We'll lay upon a bed of soft leaves
All through the day honey, honey
The kissing breeze is a calm tune
Singing phrases around you
And now we're on our feet
Dancing slow to the melody
The taste of something sweet
Love we're making 


Her soul binds to mine
Warm and growing inside us deep
We can find all that touches within
And her sigh unfolds
I can feel her crawling under me
And her body talks in waves
I feel the tide that crosses over her
I'd like to swallow the taste
If I go falling through the wings that she wears
The wind will catch me
Smooth ocean catch me
Uncover my eyes and show me the sea
Appeal to senses that will find only her
In the dreamscape my mind turns
Blowing softly in the breeze
There's a swell in the wake of her breath
And she tosses me again 


Come come to the city to the city of the river
The city is running and I'm on the water
Going and coming as I'm floating under
The shade of it so quietly love
And kind summer breezes and stars up above
The light feeds upon us and colors the world
We can lay all our worries away love
And the night comes and goes away
I lie awake and smile a smile
The moon is climbing high over
As we lie in the canoe
Come come to the city to the city of the river
I'm ready to bathe in your wondrous glory
Looking in pages for words to your story
Amazed by the sight of this sky
And humming along with the nightingales
A song from the birds will bring out the angels
I pray for more time to spend
Come come to the city to the city of the river 

Sugary Sweetness

I wish to take you home
If you don't mind I'll make it so we are alone
There is no time to wait here
You're so fine it's driving me crazy
I see myself moving closer
Behind the rhythm is smooth yea

You're so mine. You know I'm gonna
Kiss and touch you baby
You move me
Like nothing else
You're groovy
Well I'd like to drink up
Your sugary sweetness
I wish to hold on to you
There's a taste that I like and it's coming through
I'm blinking my eyes you're amazing
Could I have this dance lady?
I feel myself getting warmer
I'm in the middle with you
I'm so high, you know I'm gonna
Lift you up my baby 

Burning Time

Appear you warm in sight
Sometimes I get off staring
I'd like to jump inside and feel you barren
The night crawls over you
In the storm I watch you creeping
Laced in something cruel
Ablaze I'm feeling
And I don't mind more of this
I get caught up and senseless
Keep burning time away
I get lost in the flame
You're making thunder cry
The water wets you baby
Lightning cracks the sky
You sigh crazy
The pale moon hits your body
Glisten like a river
Flow in through your heart
I take you shiver
You guide me up
Then take me under
Until I'm screaming like an animal 

Fire From Marushka

I watched the world turn like it was a bottle
I breathed deep until I fell into a wicked storm
With the last guzzle I took to floor
I didn't know if I'd make it anymore
One into another
I'm going down tonight
Moving into me
And making me high
I'm flying a true kamikaze
With my enemy
Oh red devil you did me in
I felt the snake biting
With teeth like a prairie dog
And the fire from marushka
High speed I was pushing it in full throttle
I lost sight with the burning of my inner core
My last lucky strike I took through the door
I promise that there will be no more 

Third Street Beggar

Hello mister are you doing well?
You're looking very tired now
So should I mind giving you the time?
One dime?
I see you
I hear you
But I don't know why I look away
From your crying face
When I know you bleed
The same as me
(And I'm walking on by)
There's no hope for this veteran you see
While I hardly miss a beat
But I could lend you a helping hand
My friend 

Above the Pavement

Headed out to that place again
Observing all of the same things
The busy sound of the day
Keeps pushing me on my way
Stumbling feet stop and wave hi
"Good morning to you," "I'm doing fine"
That's all we say and then goodbye
Brush by my side
Above the pavement
So many people around
They always seem to be pondering about something
I like to watch them creep to where their going
Imagine what they think as they are walking down the street
Getting around on these shoes
I see some others too
Bouncing boots on the move
Mine follow suit
And hearing talk of common themes
The hum of sweet ole' melodies
I see some people snacking on light treats
Others lick ice cream 

Green Island Paradise

Move further from this land
Into a lovers' place in the sand
Wrapped up in a blanket of easy
Appear as we are in a daydream
Take ourselves out for a while
Two-tone circles wearing a smile
A face displays just what we are feeling
Under umbrella shaded ceilings
Dance in the sun
Barefoot we run
Living high
On this green island paradise
Paint colors on canvas
Imagine they come to life and dance
I took out yellow-green and I drew blue
Splashing down a place to escape to
Picture perfect setting glossy shine
Trace our fingers across the lines
Dive into an island oasis
Pull in closer until we taste it 

Everyone Has A Ghost

Keep a light on because
Everyone has a ghost
Heaven lies above
There we'll fly when we're done

Start off life as a bud
Kiss and cry in the sun
Twist entwine with your love
Within two will be one
Soon we'll all fade away
Living so free
Everything lovely
Everyone happy
Patience enduring
What comes you will see
You can follow your dreams
If you want you can be
Soon we'll all fade away
Keep a light on because
Everyone has a ghost
Everyone comes and goes
But forever inside we hold
Close to something born into us
Everyone has a ghost
Everyone has a ghost 

Blue Sky Morning

I've got my hands over me
My feet beneath the sand
And at the view I am ever wondering
From this land
I want to leave her now
So take me on a boat out
To the sea
Float me on a blue sky morning
As I watch the day appear
Its sunny rays
I reach for the clouds covering
I hear the waves
I have to laugh aloud
I've got my hands over me
My feet beneath the sand
I breathe in deeply
I am headed for the promise land 

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