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Unreleased Tune

Jubeus recently played an unreleased tune called "The Love We Give" at The Central Virginia Wine Festival in Innsbrook. I posted the lyrics below if you want to follow along. We have fun with this one:

Make love your religion Be stronger than your fear Stand high upon the mountain Bring the masses in to hear We in this world We all stumble We help each other up When we fall Don't you see what we got to know is that We can’t let one man hurt another man Just to watch his kingdom grow

The love we give Is the love we get The life we live Is the life we have

Not just because we heard in the stories Taught by the teachers pulled from a page Oh when they said that we must believe Every word how they interpret The same message is from the Christians, Jews, Wiccans Buddhists, Muslims and the Rastafarians Around the globe where the faith is in people From places that nobody has heard of but them

State of peace of body and mind Enjoy the freedom Balance the time You can meditate or you can pray Whatever is your own way And when you have some peace in your soul You should find someone to hold on to Because in this cycle of madness We can face a challenge best Together

Unite every race and nation Doesn’t matter how we look or where we come from We can start with all that we have in common Re-define history and convention And if we can ever learn to compromise Then we can put an end to hatred and violence Gain a new perspective in our own lives Because sometimes the way that we tend to see is not always right To men and women from every culture and country Tear down the walls between you and your enemy Trade the hand that takes for the hand of generosity Free the land of war and make a land of opportunity And when we have some personal redemption We can throw away our ill intentions Begin a new revolution Make a better world for every person

J. Masi

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