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Pretty Little Lovesongs.....they are getting lonely.

Welcome to my webpage! Ah, yes. Well, I'm now in the process of grooming through some old and new chill-out songs to start a project of recordings. I'm pretty excited about this because I've had some songs I've wanted to explore for awhile. Generally, the stuff I write in my room with an acoustic guitar starts off pretty mellow (mainly because I'm chilling in my room with an acoustic guitar) and some of it stays pretty mellow.

Normally the songs with more upbeat potential seem to grab my fellow Jubeans a little quicker and get played out in the bars where people are ready to throw down. Meanwhile, the pretty little love songs get played over and over in my room to me and remain rather lonely. So…I'm mainly going to try and get some of those songs recorded that otherwise might not see a show. I might also try and record some songs the band might do in different fashion. Sometimes we come up with a few ways to do a tune and people only get to hear the winning idea. I'd like to try some other ideas as well, just for something different and to see what happens.

Now, Jubeus has also been hard at work practicing and composing new music and plans to have an album in the making for 2009. We're still paying off the debt for album #2 though, so it's a process that will take a little time. (Help us pay it off by buying a copy of Natural Mood @ !) J .

Hopefully, this little low budget side project will give anyone interested a chance to hear some songs in the making. It's also going to give me a chance to get my recording rocks off while the band gets things ready to go back into the studio.

Stay tuned for updates. I'll be headed into a friend's studio on Sunday the 21 st to start laying some rough tracks.

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