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A New Album in the Works!

I'm in the process of putting together some new and old tunes for another release. I'll be teaming up with my good friend and fellow musician Mike Jarvis on this one. We're hoping to strip this one down to the bare essentials.

When Clay and I recorded Balance & Pull, we held back very little on the plethora of sounds we wanted to hear in each song...hence the string sections, horns, soul singers, banjo, sitar(yes, there is a sitar in one of the tunes-see if you can guess which one!), and a million different guitar sounds...It was a great record in our opinion and we are super proud and happy to have had so many awesome musicians be a part of the creation.

For this one, however, Mike and I plan to keep things very minimal and create the entire record with a basic core of instruments (bass, acoustic, electric, drums, keys) and see what we can accomplish with little or no deviations from that foundation.

There are some super fun tunes I'm excited to get down in the studio and I hope you enjoy what we make.

Stay tuned!

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