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Thanks to Olivia Troye for the generous write up at! Check it out here!

"Take the depth and emotion of your favorite Walt Whitman poem, combine it with a voice that is sexy, powerful and full of soul, and only then will you begin to scratch the surface of experiencing the musical undertones of Jason Masi. I suppose you could combine Eric Clapton’s voice with a mix of John Lee Hooker to it, spin some vinyls with influences spanning the likes of James Taylor, Van Morrison, and Marvin Gaye, and the result would be Masi’s music. He has a signature sound that has a level of depth that is uncommon these days. His bluesy riffs, and at times gravelly voice, make for a very powerful juxtaposition to the unassuming persona that he appears to be when he takes the stage.

I first came across this talented artist when he performed at a smaller venue in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia last year. As he shifted from doing some incredible cover versions of classics to his own original song numbers, I found myself being enthralled. What struck me about this artist was his commanding stage presence, and his commitment to every song he was performing. It made me want to be just as engaged as he was in his music. I felt like he really wanted to connect with the listener on a deeper level of emotion that is rarely found in artists whose gigs are mostly based in a local music scene. He is passionate not only in his songwriting but in the delivery of his songs when he performs them.

From day one, I fell in love with his song Power of A Woman–an honest take on being beguiled by the power of the female persuasion and prowess. It is to date, my favorite song out of Masi’s vast and impressive collection of hits...."

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